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Practice Squad Groups

We want to invite you all to check out our Practice Squad Groups. We have an ongoing enrollment for new cohorts, which will start once the group is filled. Our Practice Squad Groups are designed to meet you where you are at in your career and we have different levels – early practice, established practice, advanced practice, and clinical practice. Our Practice Squad Groups follow a Mastermind model that provides brainstorming, education, as well as peer accountability and support to sharpen your skills. Before starting in a Practice Squad Groups, we will set a 15-minute free pre-consultation call to ensure that the Practice Squad Groups are a good fit for you. So, if you are interested in joining any of our Practice Squad Groups, please schedule a pre-consultation call under the Start Consulting tab (click here). Decide which level fits best for where you are in your career.

Early Practice Squad

The Early Practice Squad is aimed at those who are thinking about or just starting the process of developing a private practice, either solo or group. This group will discuss early start up topics such as basics of starting a practice, building systems for success, mastering marketing and networking, obtaining referrals, and managing the day-to-day operations.

Established Practice Squad

The Established Practice Squad is designed for those who already have an established solo or small group practice with revenue under $250k a year and who are not interested in growing to a larger practice. You already have solid marketing, a steady flow of referrals, and an effective business system in place. You are now looking for ways to lessen feeling overwhelmed, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of systems for yourself, and having a better clinical and administrative balance.

Advanced Practice Squad

The Advanced Practice Squad is designed for those who already have an established group practice with revenue over $250k a year and who are excited about the possibilities of growth and expansion into a larger and more efficient practice. You already have strong reputation and marketing, consistent referrals, and a solid business system in place. You are now looking for ways to take your practice to the next level and reach higher levels of revenue and profit, while also increasing efficiencies. This group will discuss issues around supervision, hiring, staffing, compliance, and many more areas.

Clinical Practicde Squad

The Clinical Practice Squad is designed for those who are working for an agency, group practice, organization, hospital, or even your own practice, and who are looking to enhance their clinical skills and practice in a variety of ways. This group will discuss setting personal goals for clinicians, developing areas of expertise, having a professional development plan, building efficiencies into your work, and enhancing your clinical and administrative skills.

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